Troops Kill Scores of High Profile Boko Haram Fighters


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Troops Kill Scores of High Profile Boko Haram Fighters


A combined team of the 7 Division Strike Group and the Air Task Force have exterminated several high ranking war commanders and 72 fighters of the Abubakar Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram terror group at Banki Junction and Response Area Firgi on May 26, 2020.

It was confirmed that several notorious Boko Haram commanders that were killed in the fierce operation include Manzar Halid, Amir Abu Fatima and Nicap among others. Also, scores of high profile fighters that were confirmed to have been killed in the operation include Abu Jamratu AL-Naweer, Kaka Bana and Tareta babakari among others.

It was further gathered that Boko Haram terrorists made a failed attempt to attack the location of the troops after which a very fierce battled ensued on May 26, 2020. It was also gathered that some of the terrorists escaped with fatal gunshot injuries.

Meanwhile, it was reported that a large number of equipment belonging to the Boko Haram fighters which included many gun trucks, motorcycles and bicycles were destroyed by the troops in collaboration with the Air Task Force.

According to the report made available by the Military Defence Headquarters on June 2, 2020, credible information gathered has indicated that Boko Haram terrorists are already in disarray and could no longer conduct any serious offensive action due to the recent loss of their strategic commanders, fighters and vital equipment.

Moreso, it was also gathered that the blockade of Boko Haram sect’s spy routes, networks, crossing points and their logistics supplies by Nigerian troops have almost crippled their activities. Similarly, the freedom of action by the criminal elements has also become strategically limited to the obvious advantage of the troops of Nigerian Armed Forces.