Tinubu vows to sustain APC’s agenda beyond 2023


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Tinubu vows to sustain APC’s agenda beyond 2023

Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, has expressed strong support for the party’s “progressive agenda” in Nigeria, promising to sustain it beyond 2023.

Abdulrazak Danjuma, the spokesperson for the video conference engagements, said in a statement on Tuesday that Mr Tinubu made the promise at a virtual conference.

The conference with the theme, ‘Sustaining The Progressive Agenda For A Better Nigeria,’ was hosted by Ade Omole, leader of the UK Chapter of the APC.

At the virtual conference, Mr Tinubu, represented by Dele Alake, said sustaining the progressive agenda would ensure a better Nigeria in the interest of all.

He commended Mr Omole for his tenacity and doggedness in promoting the progressive agenda.

He also applauded the APC UK helmsman for spearheading the support for the party and President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime in the diaspora.

He noted that though nation-building was often used simultaneously with state-building, democratisation, modernisation, political development, post-conflict reconstruction, and peace-building, the concepts were different.

According to him, the concept of nation-building, often used interchangeably with national integration, contains a vast extent of human relationships and attitude.

He said this ranged from the integration of diverse and discrete cultural loyalties and the development of a sense of nationality.

Mr Tinubu stressed that if nation-building touched the root of people’s beliefs and attitude concerning politics, the process must be affected significantly by the character of a society’s political culture.

He advised Nigerians to stop fighting one another to present a unified front against the common threat.

He maintained that Nigerians needed unity and love to address the country’s challenges, adding that the military needs the support and prayers of Nigerians even as they confront terrorism and other violent crimes across the country.

According to the statement, the conference focused on the essentials for progressive leadership, progress in Nigeria, including “vision, knowledge, and courage.”