The New Year, 2020.


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The New Year, 2020.

After a brief interaction with some people, I was made to understand that people celebrate Christmas more than the new year. Do you agree with me? Ok, let me explain.

People celebrate both seasons, but the mode of celebration is different from each other, now I will compare. At Christmas, people go around, travel from place to place, visit houses, share foods and drinks to celebrate but at new year, people who have traveled return back to their own base, people spend their time alone or mostly in church, they really don’t wine and dine, some start to fast immediately. It is really a sober time for many.

The new year is usually a time to reflect on the previous years, to plan for the new one, to make determinations, to set goals and to forge ahead. Most people call this attitude “New year resolutions” while others call it “New year new system”, now this one is usually hilarious because most people don’t stay true to it.

Some also use this period to clean, arrange, sort out, get rid of old items, bring in new ones, give out things that are no longer needed but might be useful to others. Indeed it time for new things.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the new year, and whatever plans you choose to make, stay true to yourself, it is a new year.

Cheers to the New Year.

Happy New Year.