Nigeria honours Shonekan, flies flags at half mast


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Nigeria honours Shonekan, flies flags at half mast

National flags were flown at half-mast in public buildings and facilities in honour of the late Chief Ernest Shonekan.

Mr Shonekan who was at the country’s helm of affairs between August 26 and November 17, 1993, died at 85.

Following his death, President Muhammadu Buhari directed public buildings and facilities to fly the  Nigerian flag at half mast in Mr Shonekan’s honour from Wednesday to Friday.

The Federal Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance among others in Abuja, lowered the flag at half mast in accordance with Mr Buhari’s directive.

Banks also had their their flags flown at half mast to observe Mr Buhari regime’s directive to honour the former head of state.


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