LASG to set electricity policy


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LASG to set electricity policy

The Lagos State Government is set to have a state electricity policy that will serve as a blueprint to achieve the vision for universal access to electricity in the State.

Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Lagos State, Engr Olalere Odusote, revealed this during a meeting with stakeholders.

According to him, the Lagos Electricity Policy when issued would be a vital element in achieving the T.H.E.M.E.S. agenda of the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration in the state as it is expected to be a key driver for the social and economic development aspirations of the State as part of the Government’s 30-year Development Plan (2021 – 2051), which is currently being developed.

Odusote stated further that as the population in the State and the associated energy consumption levels continue to rise and electricity supply system that is characterised by regular power outages to residents in Lagos persists, it is important that an enabling environment for the sustainable production and supply of reliable energy for the residents of the State is created.

He assured that the state government would undertake necessary consultations in the hope that input from comments and suggestions received will go towards drafting the State Electricity Policy. Olalere added that the objective of the Lagos State Government is to develop a system that would be independent of, but connected with, the national grid system.

The Bill to emerge following the Lagos Electricity Policy would clarify the roles of all stakeholders in the market and enable the evolution of a Lagos Electricity Market that enables the location of more electricity generation companies using various technologies within the State, the construction of both low and high voltage transmission lines across the State, the establishment of an ISO and the development of a commercial framework to enable energy trading between generators and distribution entities within the State.

The Lagos Electricity Policy will be published later in Q2 2021, while the Bill for a new electricity law for the State will be submitted during Q3 to the Lagos State House of Assembly for legislative action.