‘Lagosians should expect sustainable energy supply’


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‘Lagosians should expect sustainable energy supply’

LAGOS State Electricity Board (LSEB) on Tuesday renewed its commitment to transform the city’s electricity landscape and make it the pride of the country.

Speaking at a media parley, the General Manager, Mukhtaar Tijani, said the increasing energy demands in Lagos State, due to expanded civilisation and increase in population, led to concern over the limited energy resources.

He said the focus of the government is on sustainable energy supply, which entails optimised use of energy to minimise pollution.

“The approach to achieving the 2030 target on Sustainable Development Goal 7, which emphasises affordable and clean energy in the state, has been captured in the developmental agenda of the current administration. The making of Lagos a 21st century economy entails enhancing the facilitating access to clean energy technology, including renewable energy, as well as advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel energy for the state,” Tijani, an engineer, said.