INTERVIEW: Meet Adeniran Aiku, SDP Aspirant For Councilor, Akure South Local Government Ward 5


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INTERVIEW: Meet Adeniran Aiku, SDP Aspirant For Councilor, Akure South Local Government Ward 5

By Damilola Balogun


There is no letup in political activities in ondo state, despite the lockdown on social and political gatherings following the outbreak of coronavirus in the country. All aspirants of different portfolio’s as well as their respective parties have devised ways of engaging in politics and futhering their aspirations ahead of the Ondo State elections later in the year. In this regard, Damilola Balogun of had an aspirant for the post a councillor in Akure South ward 5, Adeniran Aiku, in an interview, and he talked on his motives for the good people of his ward and Ondo state at large.

Firstly, Can we know a little about you sir, And how did your political journey start?

Aiku: I am Aiku Adeniran Henry. Well, I attended Saint Luke Primary School, Idi- aba titun, Akure, also proceeded to Acquinas College here in akure, and I also bagged my degree certificate in University of Ado Ekiti. I can actually say that I am still a grassroot politician, though right from my secondary and university school days, I have always seen myself as a leader who helps in rendering services either financially, morally, or whatever it might be, just for the growth and development of a particular situation and most especially, for a better Nigeria. However, I will be contesting for the post of a councillor in Akure south ward 5, hopefully, if i can win, it will serve as a great platform for me to serve and render my services to the good people of Akure South ward 5 and for Ondo state at large.

As a grassroot politician like you have said, Are you a partisan politician, or you are for the general or public, irrespective of your party differences?

Aiku: Thank you very much. Well, I will say both. I am a fervent follower of the Social Democratic Party and i can bodly say that this party has the attribute of a good government for a better Nigeria, in which this party has been committed and faithful to the objectives of its founding fathers. However, either I serve as a politician or as a normal citizen to the Nigeria at large, a better Nigeria has always been my greatest goal.

Well, you are contesting for the post of a councillor in Akure South Ward 5, before I switch it to you, how would you rate the performance of the present councillor of this ward?

Aiku:  I can always say that he has done well, so far so good, there has been some growth and developments in this ward and I also hope and believe that the present councillor and his team are still trying their best as much as possible to ensure the progress of more developments in this ward and for the good people of Akure at large.

Moving it to you now, What are your motives for the good people of Akure south ward 5, if you are elected?

Aiku: Hopefully, by the grace of God, if I am elected as the Councillor of Akure South Ward 5, like I have said earlier, this will be a great platform for me to serve the good people of Akure south ward 5. Over the years, Akure south ward 5 has been through difficult times. As noted by the Social Democratic Party “young people are hit hardest by the crisis”. As a minority opposition party, we have sought to persuade and influence this vicinity in a number of important areas:
* Building a fairer economy in this ward.
* Protecting Community Assets.
* Put food poverty at the top of the agenda.
* Ensure safer retail workers and safer communities.
* Establish a private tenants association to give private renters a voice.
* Support new co-operative and community-led housing.
* Support and invest in renewable community energy schemes.
* Give service users a voice in the decisions that affect them.
* Take a stand against modern slavery in your area.
* End transport inequality by promoting community transport and not for profit taxi operators.