ASUU Knocks Lawan Over Comment On NANS’ Protest


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ASUU Knocks Lawan Over Comment On NANS’ Protest

IBADAN – Academic Staff Union of Univer­sities (ASUU) has lashed out at the President of Senate Ahmed Lawan for asking protesting students not to use their pro­test to disrupt political activ­ities.

Describing the statement as the height of insensitivi­ty, chairman of University of Ibadan chapter of ASUU, Professor Ayo Akinwole, said Lawan represents the class of political vipers who were bent on destroying the future of children of the masses in the country.

As a presidential aspirant under his party, Akinwole stated that the senate presi­dent has not even shown the capacity to solve problems by not knowing the importance of education over political activities.

He said the union had lob­bied the National Assembly to prevent the strike but that the legislative arm was not forthcoming, forcing ASUU to take the fate of its members in its hands.

The ASUU chairman stat­ed that it was inconceivable for a high ranking political of­fice holder to prioritise politi­cal activities over education, saying the consequences in their inactions had caused the country to toe the path of retrogression.

ASUU had started strike on February 14 this year to obtain new conditions of service, funding for public universities and deploy­ment of University Trans­parency Accountability Solution (UTAS), among others.

Professor Akinwole stated that those in political offices were nonchalant because for most of their children, he said, school abroad.

While urging Nigerian students to own their strug­gle and take over their des­tiny, Professor Akinwole stated that the best way to destroy a country was by de­stroying education which is what the ruling class among whom the senate president is pursuing with ferocious vigour .

“It is inconceivable for a senate president to see po­litical activities as more im­portant than having students back to learn and develop the society. ASUU informed, lobbied and appealed to the senate to avert the strike but they were not forthcoming. We see a house loyal to the ruling political elites and not to Nigeria. To this set of pol­iticians, anything can suffer but their access to the com­mon treasury. That is a sign of irresponsibility.