7 Exceptional Traits of Eyitayo Jegede That Will Make Him a Better Governor


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7 Exceptional Traits of Eyitayo Jegede That Will Make Him a Better Governor

Famous Leadership Coach and Author, John Maxwell in his book titled ‘Talent is Never Enough’ referenced the father of modern management, Peter Drucker that said: ‘There seems to be little correlation between a man’s effectiveness and his intelligence, his imagination or his knowledge…only effectiveness converts them into results.” Therefore, the effective application of talent is what makes extraordinary people. Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) is no doubt a great man, intelligent, talented, well-read and exposed. All the aforementioned attributes are in many people but Jegede possesses 7 exceptional traits that would make him a better governor for good people of Ondo State.

1. Innovative: Eyitayo Jegede is known to be creative and always introducing new as well as more effective ways of getting thing done. His close pals during undergraduate days usually called him “Eyi: The Innovative Wizard”. He is a step ahead, thinking of how to make like better for all and sundry. Jegede further exhibits the innovative skill as Ondo State Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General by introducing various reforms to improve staff productivity and efficiency. His valuable contributions led to timely accreditation of Faculty of Law at American University of Nigeria, Yola. This trait also endeared him to other Attorneys General of State of the Federation while serving as their chairman. He will definitely introduce new ideas to better the lots of Ondo people when elected as governor.

2. Meticulous: Close allies of Jegede would tell you not to discuss an idea with him if you don’t have facts and figures ready. He pays attention to every little detail and vast in all-round research. The Akure born politician is a thoroughbred technocrat and usually careful taking decisions after assessing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in such action. Having such a personality as governor would be a blessing.

3. Problem Solving: Problem-solving skill is a normal cliché leaders claim to possess but not every leader is passionate and sincere about solving problems and identifying opportunities in challenges. When Eyi gets to Alagbaka Government House, he would find lasting solutions to decades-long challenges militating against the development of the state.

4. Firm but humble: Eyitayo Jegede is firm not by being rigid because he is innovative and meticulous. He only takes action when is sure! He is not in the league of Trial and error leaders. His firmness is for benefit of all parties concerned. Jegede is the master strategist in securing win-win deals. Supporting him in the forthcoming governorship election would fast track development of Ondo State.

5. Active Listener: Tayo listens with his heart and pays rapt attention to people during conversations. He is not eager to talk or respond but carefully listens to dissect the context, concept and motive of every premise and argument. Eyitayo Jegede doesn’t derive joy in ending conversations hurriedly and understands the important place of effective feedback in communication. Ondo People should, therefore, support governor that would listen to their yearning and prioritize what is top agenda of the citizenry. Governance is about impact and Jegede would impact Ondo residents’ lives positively when elected.

6. People Skills: Jegede since his entrance into Ondo political space has maintained a large support base across the 18 local government areas in the state due to his style of leadership. Jegede doesn’t use people to achieve his goals but works with people to achieve a common goal. Little wonders, people are echoing “Eyi Ni O” about four years after contesting as PDP candidate. He has endeared himself to the majority of PDP elders, leaders, stakeholders and members. Outside government, Eyitayo is still the friend of the masses.

7. Strategic and Calculative: The legal luminary takes calculative steps and not reactionary. He is proactive, responsive and responsible. He talks maturely, acts diplomatically and behaves responsibly.

Eyitayo Jegede is good for the job let’s support him for the advancement of our dear state.



Source:  Factual times